Our goal is to inform our artists of the music industry and prepare them for their encounters with records labels and managers.
Artists will go through courses in self management, voice coaching, copyrights courses and how to acquire copyrights, stage presence, and headlining shows.
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Charlotte NC.Music Worldwide
Royalty Records was born in August of 2005. This record company has not only shown how to lay records down, but an effort towards helping local and worldwide artists learn about the music industry's ups and downs. The founder, Christopher Steele, from Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, was not only the founder, but an artist as well. Christopher, known as Bishop, learned the crowns of the industry and understands what artists go through. So in an effort to help, he came up with Royalty Records.

Bishop has ghost written for Slip & Slide Records and resides in Charlotte, NC where he continues to reach out to local artists.  
Email: Royaltyrecords2010@gmail.com
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